Ever since I was young I was always active, living in Fl., at the beach or involved in sports.

I was being faced with the possibility of needing shoulder surgery, since my shoulder wasn’t improving with conventional medicine.

I was starting to improve my Jiu Jitsu game and improve with rolling/sparring with others, but my shoulder was holding me back. There was just too much pain to practice my passion, Jiu Jitsu.

There was a new guy in class from CO. who told me to try prolotherapy for my shoulder. I was starting to become desperate and wanted to practice Jiu Jitsu, so I set up an appointment with him. Dr. Nickamin is a board certified Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and specializes in Acupoint Injection Therapies.

He said that the ligaments in my shoulder were loose, from sports injuries and not holding my shoulder joint together, efficiently, creating shoulder, head and neck pain.
He recommended to receive the prolotherapy protocol of 3-6 treatments.

I needed help, so I tried one prolotherapy session on a Friday and then a follow up session the next day. By Monday I was ready to go back to Jiu Jitsu and I have elevated my Jiu Jitsu technique and have even begun to study Judo as well.

Thank you Dr. Nickamin for bringing me back to my passion and wellness.

Joe Lahurd, 63 years old

Sarasota, Florida

I have been seeing Aaron intermittently for 8 years. He has helped me resolve two major health issues (i.e.,ongoing digestion problems, swelling/impaired sensation resulting from a major laceration) where other providers couldn’t offer any solutions. He has also addressed more subtle issues with me along the way but the two mentioned above had a significant impact on my life. He is by far the most creative and holistic provider I have ever encountered. I recommend him very highly.


Boulder, CO

I have been a patient of Dr. Nickamin for over three years. Through his many techniques especially prolotherapy I have experienced Healing of my elbows, knees shoulders and hips avoiding surgery. He is a doctor that possesses many healing gifts and is kind and compassionate. Amazing!

Laurren Whistler

I always knew Aaron was an amazing healer from my treatment experience, but I was blown away when seeing him work with my Westie Bella. Bella first started seeing Aaron in a more challenging part of her life- she had suffered chronic tear duct infections and vets just kept prescribing antibiotics and steroids. Eventually Bella had a stroke and in her age lost most of her expressiveness, vision, and eventually hearing and balance. While an extremely knowledgable human doctor, Aaron came alive working with Bella as he sat on the floor crawling around with her. He treated her with acupuncture needles, jin shin jitsu flows, and herbs and then his skills as an animal communicator became extremely valuable to us to be able to get a better idea of what was going on in our sweet pups world.

When we first started bringing Bella to Aaron we weren’t sure if Bella would be around more than a few more weeks (maximum), but to ours and our vet’s surprise, Bella made an amazing recovery and was able to have a calmer more relaxed last 10 months on this Earth- I think partly in due to Aaron’s help combined with her strong will to live. Whenever we brought her in, no matter how bad her condition seemed to us, Aaron treated Bella calmly and confidently.

Aaron’s ability to communicate, treat, and connect with animals is unique to very few practitioners. This combined with his extensive knowledge of the body, emotions, and spirit from multiple disciplines sets him even further apart. While dogs are incredibly resilient creatures, Aaron’s support greatly improved Bella’s quality of life with support that we were not getting elsewhere- I would trust him with the care and well-being of any animal that comes into my life.

Dr. Nickamin, thank you so much for your care for Bella.


A friend recommended I see Dr. Nickamin after a fall on the ice that resulted in fractures in my back and pubic pelvis. This was an extremely painful and limiting condition especially for me in my 70’s. The acupuncture sessions and prolo shots greatly reduced the extreme swelling in my legs and feet and reduced the pain I’d been experiencing in every position and with every movement. Although I am not yet fully mobile, I have now resumed almost all my normal life activities and chores. I am so grateful to have my freedom and independence back. I very much value Dr. Nickamin’s work, his talent, deep knowledge and skilled hands. I trusted him with my recovery and so glad I did.
Golden Sha

Carbondale CO

I was told my knee pain and disability to walk is part of getting old. It was Dr Aaron who physically examined and diagnosed me with knee and ankle joint instability, which the CT & MRI did not show. He gave me pin pointed prolotherapy, which addressed the root of my pain. After injection, he gave me acupuncture and Jin Shin Jyutsu based on pulse diagnosis that helped me heal more quickly. Now, l can walk and enjoy my retirement.
Changmei Lu, 72 years old

From China

In the 30 years that Dr Aaron has been treating me, he has been able to help and sometimes fix a complex problem that even a doctor cannot figure out. His level of precision whether in Prolotherapy, Acupuncture, cupping or massage is far beyond basic
acupuncture. Whether you want a relaxing treatment or a life changing experience, Aaron is your guy!
Betty Hoops

5X Guinness World Record Athlete, Yoga & Hoop Core Instructor

My experience as a patient of Dr. Aaron Nickamin’s has been profound. His scope of care and understanding of an array of techniques has been fundamental in not only navigating my own health, but most recently my young daughter’s health.
Being a new Mom and choosing a less conventional, more traditional approach to health and healing, requires a team of trusted practitioners. I consider Dr. Aaron Nickamin a most essential part of that support system in which he has already helped me and my daughter navigate post-partum issues, pertussis, and so much more. I am deeply grateful for his help and knowledge, and highly recommend him.

Kate Linehan

Dr. Aaron Nickamin

Doctor of Acupunture & Oriental Medicine

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