About Prolotherapy

About Prolotherapy                                                     

Prolotherapy  proves to be an effective solution for chronic pain, such as osteoarthritis (osteo-bone, arth-joint, itis-inflammation),  back & neck pain, knee & ankle pain, IT band syndrome, rotator cuff tears, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis and meniscal tears. 

The root cause of all the above conditions result from instability of the joints, caused by loose, injured or damaged  ligaments and tendons.

A ligament holds bone to bone forming a joint. A tendon connects a muscle to the boneTogether, they allow us to move. Due to emotional stress, sports injuries, accidents and overuse of the body, ligaments and tendons become loose or damaged, resulting in joint instability, causing pain.  Ligaments also have many nerve endings. Damaged ligaments are the problems of chronic nerve pain. All pain has a nerve component. Are you aware that joint instability and ligament injury are the missing diagnoses to chronic pain?

Prolotherapy is a non- surgical medical procedure where a natural irritant (eg. dextrose) is injected into ligaments & tendons, tightening the ligaments & tendons so as to stabilize the joint and decrease pain. This natural irritant initiates the body’s natural healing response. Inflammation is a part of the healing.  We have 900 ligaments to support our 360 joints. Patients who follow prolotherapy protocols and directions have the greatest success.  

The essential needle technique itself used in prolotherapy was invented in China that appeared as early as 2600BC. in the Huang Di Neijing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic), 7th chapter Ling Zhu-Guanzhen (灵枢·官针) . “Shu Pt. or Kidney Needling.” 

Modern day prolotherapy innovation originated in the early 1930’s by Earl Gedney, DO., an osteopathic physician and surgeon. He injured his thumb in a surgical suite door, stretching the joint, causing severe pain and instability. After being told that his condition can only be treated by surgery, Gedney researched that the American Society of Herniologists used irritating substances to repair hernias. So, he decided to be his own doctor by injecting his own thumb, resulting in a full recovery. 

Prolotherapy also treats chronic headache, weight-loss/gain and tendonitis.

 The risks of not having ligament injections are: 1) no pain relief; 2) continued degeneration of the joints adjacent to the ligament laxity and possible worsening of pain.

 Patient Testimonials:

 “A friend recommended I see Dr. Nickamin after a fall on the ice that resulted in fractures in my back and pubic pelvis. This was an extremely painful and limiting condition especially for me in my 70’s. The acupuncture sessions and prolo shots greatly reduced the extreme swelling in my legs and feet and reduced the pain I’d been experiencing in every position and with every movement. Although I am not yet fully mobile, I have now resumed almost all my normal life activities and chores. I am so grateful to have my freedom and independence back. I very much value Dr. Nickamin’s work, his talent, deep knowledge and skilled hands. I trusted him with my recovery and so glad I did.”

 – Golden Sha, Carbondale CO

  “I was told my knee pain and disability to walk is part of getting old. It was Dr Aaron who physically examined and diagnosed me with knee and ankle joint instability, which the CT & MRI did not show. He gave me pin pointed prolotherapy, which addressed the root of my pain. After injection, he gave me acupuncture and Jin Shin Jyutsu based on pulse diagnosis that helped me heal more quickly. Now, l can walk and enjoy my retirement.”  

 – Changmei Lu, 72 years old, From China 

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Did you realize that most of health-care is sick-care? Why don't we take care of ourselves to avoid getting sick? That's where preventative-care comes in. Receiving acupuncture and Jin Shin Jyutsu, taking Chinese herbs, and practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis prevents sickness before it starts.

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