services-img1.jpgA C U P U N C T U R E

-Chinese and Japanese acupuncture.  Traditional Chinese free-hand acupuncture for precision and its' great Qi/energy mvoing qualities and Japanese acupuncture for its' gentle and painless qualities.



  • Cupping
  • Gua Csa
  • Acupuncture
  • Moxabustion
  • Tuina
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Electro-Acupuncture Stimulation


  • Drug Rehabilitation Stop Smoking
  • Addiction-NADA.
  • AWB Certified “Community Acupuncture.”
  • Pain/Injury
  • Common Cold
  • Nutritional Deficiency
  • Mental/Emotional Balancing
  • Cosmetic Acupuncture: Facial & Body Enhancement (Sculpting & Lifting) Facial/Breasts/Waistline
  •  Chronic Illness
  • Allergy

services-img4.jpgC H  I N E S E     H E R B A L   M E D I C I N E

- non-GMO and non-sulphated herbs of the highest quality are used to support proper immune function,  chronic or acute injury, digestion and elimination, fertility, emotional instability, insomnia and many other health related challenges

 services-img3.jpgC O S M E T I C    A C U P U N C T U R E

-following the Yellow Emperor's Classic protocols, micro thin needles are placed strategically on the face, breasts or waist to enhance beauty and health in a 5 wk series of 2 times/wk.



  • Acupuncture to increase fertility
  • Nutrition to support fertility and proper development ot baby
  • Detoxification to support and increase chance of conception
  • CVLD & Pregnancy Massage to support fertility and pregnancy
  • Pediatric Wellness Treatment- preventative medicine treatment to avoid illness or decrease the intensity or duration of illness
  • Pediatric Seasonal Treatment- 2-3 wks before the season changes treatment is performed to increase immune function and general wellness

 services-img5.jpgM O X A B U S T I O N

- Traditional Chinese and Japanese for proper circulation and maintenance of blood and body fluids. Helps with feeling cold, sore or stiff muscles



  • Chinese Lymphatic Drainage
  • Basic Cleansing
  • E-Lybra Balancing (Vibrational Medicine)
  • Allergy Elimination: Food - Environmental - Emotional
  • Nutrition
  • Metabolic Typing-Hereditary Diet
  • Primal-Raw Diet
  • Nutritional


  • Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage
  • Yoga Thai Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage (look for fertility)
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Tuina-Chinese
  • Massage
  • Manipulation
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu-Acupressure
  • Usui Reiki-Energy Balancing
  • Chinese Visceral Lymphatic Drainage
  • (CVLD)-Detoxification

services-img7.jpgC U P P I N G

- Chinese Traditional cupping that increases circulation, relaxes tired and stiff muscles 

I N J E C T I O N     T H E R A P I E S


  • For the purposes of treating trauma (acute or chronic, incl. scars)
  • rehabilitation
  • detoxification
  •  nutritional deficiency / supplementation
  • colds / flu
  • immune deficiency
  • chronic infection
  • allergies and cosmetic facial/body enhancement
  • Injection of:
                - sterile herbs
                - vitamins
                - minerals
                - homeopathics
                - other similar type substances


  • Licensed Physical Education teacher
  • Elementary Adaptive Physical Education Specialist
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Black Belt- Traditional Tae Kwon Do
  • Qi Gong-Health- standing meditation
  • Tai Qi Chuan- moving meditation


  • Tai Qi Chuan
  • Qi Gong
  • Therapeutic Yoga